AFL Affiliates Only- nominate team member for Above and Beyond Awards

Above and Beyond Servant Director
The director who seeks to first glorify God in their role as director and encourages others to do the same. Someone who is a team player and leads by example. The director who demonstrates the love of Jesus to everyone who comes through the doors of the ministry. Their passion for helping others find the joy they possess is unmistakable. This director puts others above him or her self.
Above and Beyond Servant Staff or Volunteer
A staff team member or volunteer who is continually going above and beyond what is expected of him/her in serving your ministry. Someone who is passionate about the calling God has placed on their life and lives out that passion in service to the ministry.
Above and Beyond Servant Board Member
A board member who has a servant’s heart as they serve through the role of board member. Someone who goes above and beyond what is expected of them as a board member to advance the work of the ministry. One who is passionate about the sanctity of human life and leads by example.
Nomination Requirements
  1. Nominations must be submitted by 5pm Friday, October 7.
  2. One nomination per category, per ministry.
  3. Nominations must be from a current affiliate of Alliance for Life Missouri.
  4. Your submission of nominations gives Alliance for Life Missouri permission to reprint these stories in upcoming publications and/or via social media.