Our Vision:

To unify and champion LIFE organizations

Our Mission:

Saving and changing lives by equipping people, empowering organizations and engaging communities toward a culture of LIFE.

Missouri is home to many different organizations engaged in life-saving, life-changing work to bring a culture of life to our state. Not only are unborn babies' lives being saved, but women, men, and families are also being changed as they experience faith, hope, and love.

More than 70 of these organizations, serving in over 100 locations across Missouri and beyond, have networked together through the Alliance for Life to bring strength to this life-saving, life-changing work. As a network, the Alliance plays a vital role of advocacy, advancement, and awareness for our affiliate organizations within Missouri and beyond.

The Alliance unifies these individual organizations into a team that produces cooperation, collaboration and connection toward our core mission which results in our ability to impact Missouri for life in a much stronger way than ever could be done alone.

As a network our voice is louder and reaches farther to make abortion unthinkable in our state and beyond. These organizations need Alliance for Life and Alliance for Life needs you!