If you have had an abortion, please know you are not alone. We care about you! Alliance for Life knows that forgiveness and healing await the abortion-wounded in our communities. Authentic, abundant living is within your reach! Start your journey of help, hope and healing by contacting one or both of the AFL affiliates listed below. They are ready, willing and wanting to walk with you as you begin your journey to post-abortion recovery and restoration.


H3Helpline is dedicated to letting those who are hurting from their post-abortion pain know they are not alone. They understand the pain that is associated with post-abortion in women and men involved in this desperate decision. In fact, their professionally-trained phone coaches have also experienced abortion. H3Helpline provides a safe, confidential, 24/7 helpline for those who have experienced abortion by offering encouragement and resources to start their healing journey. Call 866.721.7881 today!

If Not for Grace

If Not for Grace is there for you. If you are abortion-wounded and are experiencing a myriad of emotions including shame, anger, depression or regret, they are there. Through small group gatherings, INFG comes alongside women as they address their woundedness. This often comes in the form of anger, depression, unforgiveness and an incomplete view of God. Each class leads a woman to the truth found in the Bible…about herself, her child and the God of the universe. Then the women get away for a few days for a Reconciliation Weekend where women spend time together, each woman saying goodbye to her child and preparing to launch her new life knowing she is deeply and completely restored, renewed and whole. Visit infg.org to learn more.