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Jackie's Story

Baby Saved!

Jackie* came in for a pregnancy test and ultrasound at Pregnancy Help Center of Central Missouri and her boyfriend was with her.  She was sure she wanted an abortion, saying, “I can’t have a baby now.”  Their ultrasound nurse used all the strategies they use to encourage the clients to look at other options.  Even after the ultrasound, Jackie left with abortion a very strong possibility.

PHC attempted a follow-up call, but Jackie did not answer.  Some time passed, and they feared the baby was lost.  Then they got a call from Jackie wanting to come in again. 

When she and her boyfriend came in, they told PHC what happened.  The couple had driven to the abortion clinic two hours away.  They were in the waiting room that was full of people when Jackie got a text message. She saw that it was from her boyfriend who was sitting next to her.  The message said, “Please don’t do this.  I want our baby.”  They left the waiting room, and went outside where they could talk.  Jackie said, “I thought you wanted the abortion.”  He said, “No, I thought you wanted it.”  In that moment, the baby’s life was saved. 

Pregnancy Help Center gave Jackie documents to help with the insurance process, provided another ultrasound, and continue to offer support. 

Pregnancy Help Center of Central Missouri is one of over 55 life affirming ministries that make up the growing network of the Alliance for Life. This network is saving and changing lives of young women, men and babies just like Jackie all over Missouri. Without these life affirming ministries where would Jackie and her boyfriend have ended up that day? Your support of the Alliance for Life helps ensure that the network remains strong and is ready to provide hope and help to those looking for answers.

*not her real name

Call: 816-806-4168
Text: 417-598-1040